Current Research Projects 2018

Bond, Alan & Diamond, Judy; 11/19/18—12/1/18; University of Nebraska; Avian Social Complexity; Email: [email protected]

Brown, Chris; 6/4/18—6/12/18; Tennessee Tech University; Behavioral Ecology of Ripaninn Wolf spiders and scorpions; Email: [email protected]

Calabrese, Gina; 7/1/18—8/5/18; University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill; Drivers of reproductive isolation among populations of Spea multiplicata; Email: [email protected]

Chen, Catherine; 7/1/18—8/5/18; University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill;;The role of female hybrid behavior in shaping species divergence; Email: [email protected]

d’Orgeix, Christian; 7/1/18—7/16/18; Virginia State University; ;Do life-history patterns trump environment in shaping genetic variation of sympatric lizard species and metabolic rates and thermal regimes; Email: [email protected]

Foitzik, Susanne; 8/12/18—8/27/18; Johannes Gutenberg University;; The functional basis of lifespan and fecundity in the ant Temnothorax rugatulus; Email: [email protected]

Friedman, Daniel; 8/3/18—9/3/18; Stanford University;;Neurophysiology of harvester ants; Email: [email protected]

Gherghel, Iulian; 7/4/18—8/15/18; Department of Biology, Case Western Reserve University; ;Field and experimental testing for coevolutionary dynamics driven by resource polymorphism; Email: [email protected]

Gordon, Deborah; 8/13/18—9/1/18; Stanford University;; Behavioral Ecology of Harvester ants; Email: [email protected]

Harvey, Donald; 4/22/18--5/3/18; Smithsonian Institution;; Bee Biodiversity Initiative (BBI); Email: [email protected]

Jablonski, Piotr; 1/12/18—1/28/18; Seoul National University;; Ecology of Mexican Jays; Email: [email protected]

Johnson, Dennis; 4/21/18--5/5/18; BBI; Email: [email protected]

Kaseloo, Paul; 7/3/18—7/10/18; Virginia State University; Do life-history patterns trump environment in shaping genetic variation of sympatric lizard species and metabolic rates and thermal regimes; Email: [email protected]

Kelly, Patrick: 6/24/18—8/12/18; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill;; Sexual Selection and Resource Competition in spadefoot toads; Email: [email protected]

Ledon-Rettig, Cristina: 7/10/18—7/20/18; Indiana University;; Hormonal correlates of polyphenism in larval spadefoot toads; Email: [email protected]

Martin, Ryan; 7/1/18—8/10/18; Case Western University;; Ecological Character Displacement, Ecosystem Processes, and Community Structure; Email: [email protected]

McGee, Earyn; 5/25/18—7/20/18; University of Arizona; Linking perennial surface water and aquatic food subsidies to lizards in arid enviorments; Email: [email protected]

McMahon, Timothy M.; 4/22/18--5/3/18; USGS BIML and Smithsonian; BBI; Email: [email protected]

Middendorf, George; 8/12/18—9/30/18; Howard University; Behavioral ecology of Sceloporus jarrovii and other sypatric lizards; Email: [email protected]

Milam, Joan; 4/21/18--4/30/18; University of Massachusetts--Amherst; ; BBI; Email: [email protected]

Pfennig, David; 7/10/18—8/10/18; University of North Carolina; Evaluating Phenotypic Plasticity’s Role in Adaptive Evolution; Email: [email protected]

Pfennig, Karin; 7/10/18—8/10/18; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Hybridization and mate choice in spadefoot toads; Email: [email protected]

Powers, Don; 6/7/18—6/21/18; George Fox University;; Hummingbird response physiological response to high environmental temperature; Email: [email protected]

Romero-Diaz, Cristina; 5/21/18—5/28/18; Arizona State University;; Chemical signaling in Sceloporus lizards;  Email: [email protected]

Sandel, Brody; 8/15/18—8/19/18; Santa Clara University;; A comparative study of grass strategies in California and Arizona; Email: [email protected]

Seal, Jon; 7/10/18—7/20/18; University of Texas at Tyler;; Mechanisms of specificity and homeostasis in an obligate symbiosis; Email: [email protected]

Sherbrooke, Wade 5/15/18—6/5/18; Southwestern Research Station, AMNH; Reproduction and antipredator behaviors of horned lizards (Phrynosoma); Email: [email protected]

Steffenson, Matt 5/13/18—5/19/18; Adams State University; Autotomy compensation mechanisms in the wolf spider Pardosa valens; Email: [email protected]

Unckless, Robert; 9/14/18—9/17/18; University of Kansas;;Collection of SW Drosophila species; Email: [email protected]

VanArnam, Ethan; 7/29/18—8/3/18; Keck Science Department of Claremont McKenna, Pitzer, and Scripps Colleges;; Chemical ecology of fungus-growing ant symbioses; Email: [email protected]

Weiss, Stacey; 3/1/18—7/25/18 (every two weeks); University of Puget Sound;; Maternal protection of eggs via anti-fungal microbes in oviparous lizards; Email: [email protected]

Worthington, Sarah; 5/16/18—7/5/18; Indiana State University; Hormones, maternal aggression and natal dispersal in female Sceloporus jarrovii lizards; Email: [email protected]