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Science Generation: A National Imperative

April 8 and 9, 2008
New York City

Schedule and Session Information

April 8, 2008

12:00 noon
Grand Gallery

Summit Registration Opens

4:00–6:00 p.m.
Kaufmann Theater

Inaugural Session

Establishing Priorities for the Future: How Are the Needs of 21st-Century America Different from Those of the Past?

In the 21st century, we will face many challenges and opportunities that are predominantly science-based: global climate change, human health advancements, artificial intelligence, to name a few. Will the United States be equipped to provide the scientific and technological leadership to meet these challenges? Will Americans have the knowledge and skills to be engaged citizens in a complex science- and technology-driven world? A panel of experts will explore the scientific, environmental, economic, workforce, and social needs and challenges of the 21st century and ways to educate the next generation to fully address them.

Welcome Remarks
Ellen V. Futter, President, American Museum of Natural History

Timothy F. Geithner, President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
The Honorable Newt Gingrich
The Honorable Bart Gordon, U.S. Representative from Tennessee; Chairman, U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science and Technology
Walter Isaacson, President and CEO, The Aspen Institute
Nicholas Negroponte, Founder and Chairman, One Laptop per Child
Dr. Michael Novacek, Senior Vice President, Provost of Science, and Curator of Paleontology, American Museum of Natural History
Dr. Joyce Leavitt Winterton, Assistant Administrator for Education, NASA

Natalie Angier, Science Writer, The New York Times; author, The Canon

6:00–8:00 p.m.
Hall of Northwest Coast Indians

Opening Reception

April 9, 2008

8:00 a.m.
Grand Gallery

Summit Registration Opens

8:30–10:00 a.m.
Milstein Hall of Ocean Life

Leadership Breakfast
Panel Discussion/Audience Feedback

Rowing Together: Building Consensus across Sectors on Priorities

Based on the conviction that every sector of society must be engaged and invested in preparing the next "Science Generation," this session will bring together leaders in science, education, business, policy, and philanthropy to discuss how to leverage and galvanize the efforts of each sector to transform science education and to achieve consensus about the role that each sector could—and should—play. Panelists will be asked to evaluate and prioritize recommendations from such national reports as Rising above the Gathering Storm.

Opening Remarks
Dr. Vartan Gregorian, President, Carnegie Corporation of New York

John Abele, Co-Founder/Chairman, Boston Scientific; Chairman, FIRST
Aneesh Chopra, Secretary of Technology, Commonwealth of Virginia
Dr. Cora B. Marrett, Assistant Director of the Directorate of Education and Human Resources, NSF
Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Frederick P. Rose Director of the Hayden Planetarium, American Museum of Natural History
Charles E. Phillips, Jr., President, Oracle Corporation
Dr. Gerald F. Wheeler, Executive Director, National Science Teachers Association

Miles O'Brien, Chief Technology and Environment Correspondent, CNN

10:15–11:45 a.m.
Kaufmann Theater

Panel Discussion/Audience Feedback

Achieving Excellence and Equity: The Debate over National Standards

Among the most controversial issues in education policy today is the debate over national standards and goals. This session will explore this complex topic and discuss ways in which local school systems, individual states, and the federal government might work together with the overarching vision of achieving excellence and equity for all American schoolchildren.

Opening Remarks
Governor James B. Hunt, Jr., Chairman, James B. Hunt Jr. Institute for Educational Leadership and Policy

Dr. Rodger W. Bybee, Executive Director Emeritus, Biological Sciences Curriculum Study, and Past Executive Director, Center for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Education, The National Academies
Dr. Rudolph F. Crew, Superintendent, Miami-Dade Public Schools
Michael D. Casserly, Executive Director, Council of the Great City Schools
Dr. Robert D. Hormats, Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs (International)
Richard Mills, Commissioner of Education, New York State Education Department
William Schmidt, University Distinguished Professor, Michigan State University

Josh Greenman, Op-Ed Editor and Member of the Editorial Board, New York Daily News

12:00–2:00 p.m.
Milstein Hall of Ocean Life


Science Generation: Talking Back

Introduction and Remarks
Ellen V. Futter, President, American Museum of Natural History

During this dynamic and interactive lunch session, a panel of students and parents will be interviewed, "town-hall" style, about their perceptions of science and its relevance to their lives and future, and conference participants will have the opportunity to voice their own opinions.

Welcome and Interviews
Tom Brokaw, Special Correspondent, NBC News

Participant Interactive Session led by Frank Luntz

2:15–4:30 p.m.
Kaufmann Theater

Making It Happen: What Works, Why, and How Can We Provide the Leadership and Strategic Investment to Accelerate Action?

Government, philanthropy, and business are all investing in programs and practices to change the paradigm of science teaching and learning in America. Showcasing the unique assets of "informal" science institutions, promising state-level initiatives, and across-the-board strategic investment in proven interventions, this forum will identify what is working and what the key elements of success are. It will establish what is to be learned from these "best practices" and how they can be brought to scale to achieve a broader, accelerated national impact.

2:15–2:30 p.m.

Opening Remarks
Leadership and Cross-Sector Partnerships
Joel I. Klein, Chancellor, New York City Department of Education

2:30–4:30 p.m.

Panel Discussion
Robert L. Corcoran, Vice President, Corporate Citizenship, General Electric Company; President, GE Foundation
Louisa Koch, Director of Education, NOAA
Lori M. Fey, Senior Program Officer, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation
John W. McCarter, Jr., President and CEO, The Field Museum
Becca Robison, Founder, Astrotots
Steve Ricks, Director, Alabama Math Science Technology Initiative, Alabama State Department of Education
Richard D. Rosen, Vice President of Education and Philanthropy, Battelle

Closing Remarks and Moderator
Stephanie Bell-Rose, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs & Co.; President, The Goldman Sachs Foundation

4:30 p.m.
Kaufmann Theater

Closing Session

The Agents of Change

A Conversation with Shakira Brown, Middle School Science Teacher, Promise Academy, and Alex Fralin, Principal, IS 68, Brooklyn