Scientists have identified over 1.75 million species on Earth—over one million of them are insects and spiders. There are many more yet to be identified! All living things are dependent upon one another for survival. This variety of life on Earth—and its interdependence—is called biodiversity.

Image credits: main image, jellyfish, © Marcos Paulo Prado/Unsplash; leopard gecko, © おにぎり/Unsplash; crab, © Amy Perez/Unsplash; red spotted newt, John White/© California Academy of Sciences; French angelfish, G. P. Schmahl, NOAA; Escherichia coli, NIAID; sea sponge, © Adam Mastrfshrmn/CC BY 2.0; Spanish shawl nudibranch, © Joan Li/Unsplash; Escherichia coli, © CDC/Unsplash; Greater Bird of Paradise, © AMNH; Rosy periwinkle, Courtesy of James A. Manhart; tiger, D. Finnin/© AMNH ; quote, Eleanor Sterling courtesy of AMNH.