Ro Kinzler

Like many kids interested in science, Ro Kinzler thought she wanted to be a marine biologist. But later on, she realized that she had a love for the physical world, rocks and especially lava. Ro became an Earth scientist who researched how magmas form and travel within the Earth. Now Ro works with scientists and teachers to bring the Museum's rich scientific knowledge to kids all over the world.

Name: Rosamond Kinzler
Hometown: Shrub Oak, New York
Education: Ph.D., MIT
Job: geologist; Director of the National Center for Science Literacy, Education, and Technology
Known for: melting rocks in the lab to help us understand how magmas form deep in the Earth
Cool fact: Ro studied volcanic rocks 4000 meters below sea level at Mid-Atlantic Ridge and at 14,162 feet above sea level at Mt. Shasta.

Image credits: courtesy of AMNH; Rosamond Kinzler: AMNH.