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DEENA: You look fabulous. How old are you?

PROTO ANDY: I'm about 80 -

DEENA: (interrupting) 80? That's not very old for a dinosaur. My grandmother is 95, so what's the big —

PROTO ANDY: (interrupting back) I wasn't finished. I'm 80 million years old. But I feel like I'm only 10 million. It's all in your attitude, Deena.


DEENA: What did you look like when you were alive?

PROTO ANDY: I've heard the scientists say that 80 million years ago I used to be the size of a very large pig and might have weighed as much as 500 pounds.


DEENA: Were you fast on your feet?

PROTO ANDY: No one knows. Paleontologists haven't found any Protoceratops footprints yet. However, Protoceratops were a lot slower than some carnivores that ate us for lunch because we have such short legs.

DEENA: How do scientists guess an extinct dinosaur's speed?

PROTO ANDY: Sometimes scientists can estimate a dinosaur's speed by comparing its fossilized legs with the legs of similar animals that are alive and running.