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Some animals, like earthworms, snails, and spiders, have nerves but not actual brains.

A one-year-old child's brain weighs about 2 pounds (950 g), ten times the weight of a dog's brain.

The primate cortex is so large that it has to be folded to fit inside the skull. That's why the surface of the brain is wrinkly.

The nervous system runs on electricity, but the levels are low. Brain signals involve less than one-tenth the voltage of an ordinary flashlight battery.

Express Yourself!

See how good you're at recognizing emotions.

Test Your Reaction!

How fast can you catch a falling ruler? Measure your reaction time.

Taste a Smell Test

Take the jellybean test to see how your sense of smell enhances taste.

Read With Your Fingers

Use Braille to create a message for a friend.

Draw Your Nervous System

Explore your nerves by creating a life-sized drawing.

Trip Up Your Brain

Try these trippy experiments to fool your brain.

Ask A Scientist: Brain

Scientist Rob DeSalle answers kids' questions about the brain!

Brain Power

Test your sight and memory with these brain games.


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