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Meet the OLogist: Sandra Olsen

Sandra Olsen, excavation, horse bone with cut marks, stone tools, team of scientists, thongsmoother, sacrificial pit, woman milking mare, boys riding horse: © Sandra Olsen Chauvet cave painting: © Jean Clottes horse pulling streetcar: © Library of Congress Pony Express stamp: ©; L. Cunliffe / AGE Fotostock world map showing Kazakstan: © AMNH artist reconstruction of Botai pithouse: © Mark Klingler computer model of Krasnyi Yar village: © Ashley Brickman The Horse exhibition: © AMNH / Denis Finnin

Find out from a zooarchaeologist how humans have tamed and bred horses.

What Do You Know About Horses?

Test your equine knowledge in this quiz

Horse Books

Are you fascinated with horses? Read more about them with these books.

Beautiful Breeds

Explore amazing facts about some of the 200 breeds of horses living today.

Horse Gaits Flipbooks: Walk, Trot, and Gallop!

Photos: Eadweard Muybridge

How do horses move? Find out with these flipbooks.

Dress Up a Horse

Illustrations: Sean Murtha

Have fun with these paper cutouts of riders and horse gear from cultures around the world.

Make Your Own Horse Stationery

Illustrations: Sean Murtha

Send a note to a friend with these horsey letterheads.


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