Colorful block text reading "Poison For Good... Poison For Evil."
Outlines of three Greek style vases of various shapes in a row.

Once upon a time, some people turned to magic, instead of science, to explain the unexplainable, including many sicknesses and poisonings. These eerie stories include tales of illness, enchantment, and death caused by poisons. Other stories describe magical objects that protect against poisoning. These tales are pure fantasy, but some poisons in these stories are based on ones that can be found in nature.

Watch two stories from ancient Greece that are animated as if they are vase paintings that have come to life. Some of the most famous Greek myths were recorded on vases and buried for thousands of years. One of them is about the great hero Hercules, who was known for his many adventures. In this story Hercules makes poison arrows from the blood of the serpent monster Hydra. The other story is about the sorceress Medea who uses poison to seek revenge. Poison for good... and poison for evil.

Outlined block letters with a shadow reading "Hercules."
Outlined block letters with a shadow reading "Medea."