Coral Reef
Cuban coral reef

Not far from the main island of Cuba, a string of islands called Gardens of the Queen stretches along the Caribbean Sea. These islands are keys, small islands of coral and sand. They are known for their beautiful coral reefs . A colorful community of crabs, sponges, fish, and many other organisms live in and around the reef. It almost looks like a vibrant underwater garden!

Can you match coral reef creatures with their unique features?

Match each organism with the feature that describes it.

Goliath grouper
Elkhorn coral
Mangrove tree
Longfin mako shark
Queen conch
Hawksbill sea turtle

moves by hopping along the sand

builds the coral reef

a giant animal that swims alone

provides shelter for young reef animals

migrates thousands of miles to feed

born on the beach

Image Credits:

Coral reef icon illustration, © Stuart Holmes 2016, all rights reserved; Coral reef scene, Wolfgang Poelzer/WaterFrame/AGE Fotostock; Hawksbill sea turtle, Reinhard Dirscherl/AGE Fotostock; Elkhorn coral, Camelia TWU/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0; Queen conch, Alex Mustard/Minden Pictures; mangrove, Bernard Radvaner/AGE Fotostock; Goliath grouper, Tom Key Largo Diver/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0; Longfin mako shark, The Discovery Channel/Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium.