An animal or plant that goes extinct is gone forever. Endangered animals or plants are species that are in danger of going extinct because there are so few of them. In the United States, these animals and plants are protected by a law called "The Endangered Species Act." Play the Endangered Species Game to find out how this law works.

falcon, sand fly, gazelle

What You'll Need

  • game board pdf print-outs
  • scissors
  • tape
  • pair of dice
  • place markers
    (You can use pieces of colored paper, small plastic animals, or place markers from other games. Make sure that everyone who plays has a different place marker.)

What to do


Trim along the dotted lines of the print-outs. Then, arrange the 4 pages so the pictures line up and tape them all together. (If you are not using clear tape, make sure you don't put the tape over any words or pictures).


Put your markers where it reads, "start." Decide who goes first. First person throws dice.


If you land on a space with a question, you have to answer the question correctly before you can move again. If you answer incorrectly, you lose a turn. The other players decide if you're right. (TIP: The answer can be found on the game board.)


You have to roll the exact number to get to the Survival circle, or else roll doubles once you're on or past the space that reads, "From here on in doubles will win!"

Image Credits:

Photos: AMNH; Illustrations: Patricia Wynne