Image credits
Image Credits:

Photos: Introductory Page: Melanie Stiassny: courtesy of AMNH, Denis Finnin; It All Began in the Oceans: Mark Siddall: courtesy of AMNH, Denis Finnin; Diversity of Life on Earth: Blue-green alga: courtesy of MIT, Department of Biology, Claire Ting, Giant kelp: courtesy of NOAA, Extreme microbe: courtesy of Universitaet Regensburg, Lehrstuhl Fuer Mikrobiologie, Karl O. Stetter, Tubeworm: courtesy of Pennsylvania State University, Charles Fisher, Spiny lobster: courtesy of Smithsonian Institution, M.G. Harasewych, Red mangrove: courtesy of OAR, National Undersea Research Program, Fungus: courtesy of Steve Newell, Diatom: courtesy of University of Michigan, M.J. Wynne, White marlin: courtesy of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations; A Whale of a Tale: Blue whale: courtesy of AMNH, Denis Finnin; Illustrations; Jim Steck