Ocean Pollution

By Canyon, Nolan, and Amelia

The Issue: Dolphins, fish, seabirds, and other animals are getting hurt by all the plastic used by humans. They're getting tangled in plastic fishing nets and choking on plastic bags and other trash.

picture of Canyon, Amelia, and Nolan with speech bubble that says Animals are getting hurt by plastic. Together, we can help!

Canyon | Age 9

Favorite plant or animal: Tulips and dogs

Favorite book: Calvin and Hobbes

Favorite ice cream flavor: Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

Favorite thing to do / hobby: Go on iPad; play with my cousins

Favorite place or object in the Museum: Blue whale and the Butterfly exhibition

What you like most about science: Learning about science is very fun and there are many cool subjects like astronomy, geology, and marine biology.

Advice to kids who think science is boring: Science is everywhere. If you learn about science, the more you understand the world around you. Science can be fun, if you learn it with a smile :)


Nolan | Age 10

Favorite plant or animal: A living stone plant. I like the thrasher shark because it can kill its prey with its tail. I like the basking shark because they have such a big mouth and only use it to eat tiny plankton. I like the sabertooth tiger because they have teeth bigger than a megaladon.

Favorite book: Auggie and MeDave at Night

Favorite ice cream flavor: Cotton candy

Favorite thing to do / hobby: Baseball, tennis, surfing, reading, saxophone

Favorite place or object in the Museum: Giant blue whale

What you like most about science: One of my favorite things in science is when something in nature looks like someone actually made it. I also find glass fascinating because it's always "moving."

Advice to kids who think science is boring: Science isn't just taking recordings over time, or learning the planets or learning strange words, it's much more important and exciting than that.


Amelia | Age 10

Favorite plant or animal: Venice fly trap and horses

Favorite book: Night John

Favorite ice cream flavor: Chocolate and chocolate chip mint

Favorite thing to do / hobby: Spend time with my mom

Favorite place or object in the Museum: Discovery Room

What you like most about science: I like when I learn more about animals and dissecting animals.

Advice to kids who think science is boring: To maybe listen and maybe you will learn about something. And if there is an actual problem you can use what you have learned and solve the problem.

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