The Coral Reef Puppet Show

By Charles, Camille, and Alice

The Issue: What do a clownfish, a blue tang, and a dolphin all have in common? They rely on coral reefs to live. And sadly, they are in trouble because coral reefs around the world are dying. One reason is called ocean acidification, which is what happens when too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causes the ocean to get warmer. Find out more about this major problem and how your actions can help protect coral reefs and sea animals. 

picture of charles, camille and alice with speech bubble that says If you like ocean animals, you should help because they are in danger!

Charles | Age 10

Favorite plant or animal: My cat (Marshmallow)

Favorite book: The Percy Jackson series

Favorite ice cream flavor: Cookies and cream

Favorite thing to do / hobby: Take a nap / sleep

Favorite place or object in the Museum: Mammalogy Collection

What you like most about science: All stuff that you can relate to it, like science connects to every subject

Advice to kids who think science is boring: Your favorite video game might involve science. For example, in Fortnite, you are learning about making measurements. (And you can convince your mom that by playing some video games, you are learning about science.)


Camille | Age 10

Favorite plant or animal: Axolotl

Favorite book: Ghost by Raina Telgemeier

Favorite ice cream flavor: Mexican Sinnamon

Favorite thing to do / hobby: Write

Favorite place or object in the Museum: The Unseen Oceans special exhibitiion

What you like most about science: This project!

Advice to kids who think science is boring: Go to AMNH and learn science there.


Alice | Age 10

Favorite plant or animal: Dogs

Favorite ice cream flavor: Cookie dough

Favorite thing to do / hobby: Piano

Favorite place or object in the Museum: Gift shop

What you like most about science: I like that there is so much to learn and all the time you need.

Advice to kids who think science is boring: There is more to science than what you see. Science is all around you. Sooner or later you should learn about it.

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