OLogy Challenge Hall of Fame with picture of a horse

Challenge #18: Draw a Horse

Neigh! We are so impressed with everyone’s artwork.

Ross MacPhee in the field

Ross MacPhee in the field in Yukon, Canada. He is excavating the tusk of an extinct kind of elephant, the woolly mammoth.

Manda Kalimian with a horse

Manda Kalimian is with Cello, a 15-year-old Dutch warmblood gelding. He is bay in color and stands nearly 17 hands high (which is very tall!). 

We had two special guest judges for this OLogy Challenge! Ross MacPhee is a paleomammalogist. He studies extinct mammals to understand their relationships and adaptations. And Manda Kalimian founded the CANA Foundation. It helps to "rewild" American's wild horses to become a native species of the open plains.

Hall of Fame Gallery

This Challenge was to pick a horse breed, research it, and draw it in its environment (for inspiration, kids checked out All About Horses and Protecting Wild Horses). Here are our judges' top picks!

Honorable Mention Gallery

Here are more drawings of horses that inspired us!

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