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"OLogy Challenge"

Take the OLogy Challenge! Share your work with us and it might get posted on the OLogy website for everyone to see.

time capsule box with New York City memorabilia

Results are in! See the time capsules selected for the OLogy Challenge #8 Hall of Fame!


Next OLogy Challenge!

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It will be revealed on Wednesday, August 19th. And your entries will be judged by a Museum scientist!

In the meantime, check out the Hall of Fame galleries from the past few months.

Hall of Fame Galleries

See the artwork from past OLogy Challenges!

colored pencil drawing of monarch butterfly


Draw a Butterfly

Illustration of a bedroom as seen from above.


Map Your World

illustration of microbes in a variety of shapes


Color the Microbes

colored illustration of Mononykus


Draw a Dinosaur

hand holding hand drawn coin with illustrated details


Mint a Coin

time capsule box with New York City memorabilia

Create a Time Capsule

Image Credits:
Butterfly drawing, © Ivy Rutzky; Bedroom illustration, © E. Hamilton/ AMNH.