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Challenge #8: Create a Time Capsule

Deeptanava R.
Age 9  |  California, U.S.A.

Description of the objects in my time capsule: Last February, I had a remarkable trip to Europe. The trip was so memorable, I even wrote a poem on my time capsule, and filled it with souvenirs. While I was touring Schonbrunn Palace, I bought a Schonbrunn snowglobe. I stumbled upon a knight figurine and also of my favorite composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at a shop in Vienna, Austria. Also, I bought a Czech doll and Prague fridge magnet from a corner store in Prague, Czech Republic. I found a magazine about the Sedlec Ossuary, while visiting it in Kutna Hora. Finally, I picked up a map of Dresden, while taking a bus tour and bought a fridge magnet. My time capsule even has one of my favorite Mozart pieces. I hope that when I open my time capsule in 2070, it will give me a glimpse of all the wonderful memories of Europe.

Judges' Comments: We love the poem! The map is great because it could show us how much places have changed, and the sheet of music is nice touch! All the items show international travel, and the decorations of time capsule are great.

Nat A.
Age 5  |  New York, U.S.A.

About my time capsule: It is about New York City and my life right now. It has a subway map, a Jewish necklace from my great-grandfather, a mask, a picture of a restaurant that changed because of the coronavirus, and a picture I made with my Mom about ways I can be nice to my friends. We will open it in 2025.

Judges' Comments: Great job! The subway map would show how much things have changed, and helps date the time capsule. The mask and picture of the restaurant shows a snapshot of life in New York City right now. The personal touches of the necklace and picture will be nice to see when the time capsule is opened.

Carolina F.
Age 7  |  New York, U.S.A.

We are going to ask our grandparents to keep the first time capsules in their attic (to be opened in 2025!). We are going to bury the other time capsule (to be opened by my first grandchild when he or she is seven!) here in my grandparents' farmhouse in South Carolina, and do a map like a pirate! 

To be opened in 5 years: a letter to myself and to share with people in the future, a lot of pictures of the sports and arts we do with my sister (you can cover the faces if you want!), pictures of the books we have done with my sister and dad, a couple of Passenger Pigeons we did with clay, picture of today's New York Times, letters from my dad and mom for me

To be opened in 50 years or more! Same objects above plus: little paintings we did with dad, letters from my parents to my grandchildren, surprise gift from my dad to my grandchildren!

Judges' Comments: We love the two time capsules for 5 and 50 years in the future! We like seeing newspapers with different headlines, to tell people in the future what was happening in the world today. The personal touches of letters, photos, and paintings are great!

Gabriella F. 
Age 6  |  New York, U.S.A.

To be opened in 5 years: a letter from me to myself when I'm 11 years old, many pictures, pictures of the books we do on birds and other topics, two birds we did with clay (100 passenger pigeons!), picture of today's newspapers, letters from parents.

50 years or more! (for my first grandchildren turning 7): a letter from me to myself and to my grandchildren, many pictures, pictures of the books we do on birds and other topics, two birds we did with clay (100 passenger pigeons!), picture of today's newspapers, letters from my parents to me, letter from my parents to my grandchildren, acrylic paintings we did on little canvases, for great grandchildren, surprise gift to my grandchildren!

Judges' Comments: The time capsules for 5 years and 50 years in the future is a great idea! The metal container for the 50 years will last a long time. The personal letters and photos are a nice touch to find out who these people are. And the newspaper is helpful to date the time capsule!

Gabriel O.
Age 10  |  New York, U.S.A.

Judges' Comments: Great job! We love the newspaper and coin to date the time capsule. This is such a good snapshot of life right now, and a good personal touch with legos and guitar pick!