OLogy Challenge Hall of Fame!

Challenge #11: Draw an Extinct Mammal

Mammoths, tigers, sloths, oh my! We are so impressed with everyone’s artwork.

John Flynn, Mick Ellison, and Nicole Wong

Museum paleontologist John Flynn and illustrators Mick Ellison and Nicole Wong. © AMNH

We had three special guest judges for this OLogy Challenge! John Flynn  is a paleontologist. He travels around the world to study geology and fossils of living and extinct mammals. And Mick Ellison and Nicole Wong are scientific illustrators. They examine fossils, use their imagination and art skills, and work closely with paleontologists to create lifelike drawings of animals that lived long ago. 

Hall of Fame Gallery

This Challenge was to use these instructions to draw an extinct mammal of your choice. Here are our judges' top picks!

Honorable Mention Gallery

Here are more drawings of extinct mammals (and dinosaurs) that inspired us!