In Pictures: Extreme Mammals
In Pictures Extreme Mammals
portrait of John Flynn

Hi, I'm John Flynn and I'm a paleontologist at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. I research fossil mammals and the relationships between living and fossil mammals. I'm also curating an exhibition called Extreme Mammals. It showcases the biggest, smallest, and most amazing mammals of all time. Take a look at some unusual living and extinct mammals!

These images have been brought to you by Science Explorations, a partnership between Scholastic and the American Museum of Natural History.

Image Credits:

John Flynn, pangolin, © AMNH/D.Finnin; Cynognathus, Repenomamus, spectacled bear, musk-ox skull, platypus, © AMNH/R.Mickens; Tasmanian tiger, © AMNH/J.Beckett; Woolly Mammoth, © AMNH/C.Knight; Glyptodont, © AMNH/M.Anton; Alaskan moose, © AMNH; Girls, © S.Fotiadis; Beaver, bat, opossum, bat, © iStock; Sugar glider, manatee, © Big Stock Photo; Kangaroo, © Shutterstock.