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Challenge #12: Create a Galaxy Travel Guide

Magdalena R.
Age 14  |  Santiago, Chile

Judge's Comment: A civilization destroyed and a magical light... What an experience! And stellar drawings: the person-in-front-of-planet advertisement, your shelves displaying some of the items you took with you, and yourself from behind. 

Arturo B.
Age 10  |  Santiago, Chile

Judge's Comment: What beautiful artistry and use of color in your final slide! I love the Kingfisher spaceship and spiral galaxies. And those were intriguing observations about the people you saw. 

Hayden P.
Age 12  |  Kentucky, U.S.A.

Judge's Comment: Very thorough planning in advance of your travel! And Sissoko: What a cool name for both a planet and a rooster. And the sissokosaurus: I would love to meet this creature.

Uzayr J.
Age 10  |  California, U.S.A.

"The Phanerozoica Galaxy is a galaxy that has three very large planets: Paleozoica, Mesozoica, and Cenocoica. The Phanerozoica Galaxy is a spiral galaxy, like the Milky Way. It is 15 light years away. "

Judge's Comment: What vibrant colors you’ve used in your illustrations of the planets that inhabit the Phonerozoica Galaxy. And thank you for the bird’s-eye-view diagram! It helps me to understand the layout. 

Prayag Raj D.
Age 8  |  California, U.S.A.

"Away to Planet Blooper"

Judge's Comment: What an enticing narrative! I’m real glad that you packed food and water. And I have so many questions... Why do you think the aliens were high-fiving? The cares that could talk: What did they say? The goo that shot skywards when you stepped un-carefully: Was it toxic? And what does a comet sound like when it swishes past you? 

Raihan R.
Age 10  |  New York, U.S.A.

"I, Raihan R., will go on a remarkable journey with five other crew members. Using stellar engines and a space shuttle, I find myself in a technologically advanced civilization called Titan. And I find many wonders on this planet, and might even find this planet as my new home."

Judge's Comment: A fabulous narrative to a fantastical galaxy! Great advice on learning about your destination before visiting. And good understanding of how a crew of astronauts must operate in order to succeed during a mission. Your destination is enticing: it's like Earth, but 2,000 years in the future and rid of our current plagues. And what a game with robots! 

Travel Guide

Space is extraordinary. With millions upon billions of celestial objects and stars to explore. There are possibly billions of galaxies as well. But I created a galaxy, that is like no other. Delta-094. This “travel guide” will guide you on how to get to this galaxy, along with what you need to go there, and much more... 

Download this PDF to read the rest of Raihan's travel guide to the Delta-094 galaxy!

Carolina F.
Age 7  |  New York, U.S.A.

"We finally travelled to Andromeda (M31) and sent a postcard!"

Judge's Comment: Cool cutout of an astronomical image into letters. And your rocket ship drawings: imaginative designs!

Trisha S.
Age 8  |  California, U.S.A.

"My Trip to the Black Eye Galaxy"

Judge's Comment: A “black-eye galaxy,” a pet panda that cooks, sushi, a thousand dollars, and cold fire. Fabulous! And what do you think cold fire would feel like?


Judge's Comment: What an imaginative storyline: Being duped by false advertisements of diamonds to go to Saturn! And who'd have thought that aliens have dogs too? I love the creativity in this plot. This would make a stellar screenplay.

Gabriella F.
Age 6  |  New York, U.S.A.

"My travel guide takes you to SN 1987A."

Judge's Comment: Excellent research and images! Your observations are scientifically accurate. And I study the "ashes" of the very explosions you describe! 

Rayan T.

Judge's Comment: This is an intriguing story! I'm curious: How might we survive on a planet where the temperature is 195 degrees? How can a thick atmosphere exist on it without burning up? What is a Reverse Moon? And finally, why do you think inventions have been tossed into a junkyard?

Travel Guide

There lived a family, but they weren't a normal family... They had superpowers. But one day the world was coming to an end and the father, Clark, had to leave his family to save the world. And Clark did... but Clark never came back.

His daughter grew up, and never gave up on finding her father. She made a machine to detect human life in the galaxy. But she never found anything. Until one day... her machine detected human life... But it was somewhere that had not been discovered. But the one question racing through Hope's (Clark's daughter) mind, was how she was going to get there. But, of course, the only way she could get there, is by a space ship. But it only took 8 1/2 minutes (it was fast). Hope didn't have much of a reaction as if she was used to it.

The place was dark, and no one was there. The place was silent. But there was something else. Sweat rolled down Hope's cheeks, it was hot, 195 degrees Fahrenheit. The planet was green, but it also had a very thick atmosphere. This was the complete opposite of Mars. But of course, Hope brought stuff before her journey like heat proof suit, food, oxygen, water, and rest. Hope wandered the place, it was empty. But then she bumped into a junk yard. She found so many inventions. She discovered more about Reverse Moon. But then Hope realized, the planet would ever end, that it was over. That was because they were in Reverse Moon.

Haru S.
Age 6  |  New York, U.S.A.

"Outside of the virus, let's go to Neptune!!"

Judge's Comment: Great scientific accuracy in calculating how long it would take you to get there. Good research!