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Rising CO2! What Can We Do?
Rising CO2! What Can We Do?
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We use energy every day: when we ride in a car or bus, turn on the TV, and even when we take a hot shower. 

Today, there are over 6 billion people living around the world. That's 6,000,000,000 people! And we're using a lot of energy. 

Most of the energy comes from burning fossil fuels, like coal and oil. This releases carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. 

As CO2 levels rise, Earth's temperatures rise too!

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How has using fossil fuels changed our world? And how can we slow global warming? Play this game to find out!


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What Can We Do?

No single solution is enough. But together, our actions can make a difference!

Switch to "Clean" Energy

As the world's energy needs grow, communities and countries must take even bigger steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Most of all, we need to switch from fossil fuels to other sources of energy that produce few or no CO2.

Take Individual Actions

One person's actions can make a huge difference — if millions of people do it. Find out how you can save energy!