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Jade Today

George Harlow

I hope you can see why I think jade is so special. Jade is a rare and beautiful rock that is valued by people all over the world. 

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scrapbook page with pictures of jade from Guatemala, Canada, the United States, Asia and also in an array of colors
small polished jade in colors ranging from white, lavender, green, orange to almost black

variety of colors

Jade comes in so many colors. Which do you like the most?

solid jade bangle bracelet and heart-shaped jade pendant

United States

I'm also happy to see that people in my country are valuing jade more and more. Asian immigrants help spread their love of jade to other parts of the world.

gold ring with rectangular jade stone and 2 carved pieces, 1 in vivid green and the other in orange


To people in China and Japan, jade is more than an expensive gem. It's an important part of their culture and history.

jade masks, chess pieces and necklace


In Central America, people still carve jade objects like jewelry in the style of the Maya and Olmec. Many of these objects are sold to remind people of these ancient cultures.

carved pendant of nephrite jade


Russia, Canada, and New Zealand are producing art and jewelry made from nephrite jade. I bought this pendant for my wife in Canada. Isn't it beautiful?

Image Credits:

Guatemalan objects: La Casa del Jade; all other photos: courtesy of AMNH, Denis Finnin; Illustrations: subduction: Eric Hamilton; jadeite formation: courtesy of George Harlow