Crack the DNA Code! graphic title

You've spotted some products in a shop in New York City. You have a hunch that some of them are from endangered animals. The store owner claims the products are all legal. It's your job to find out which products were made from endangered animals. It's your turn to be a DNA detective!


Look at the DNA codes of each product and animal. If you see a match between the codes, place the name of the animal below the product.

Image Credits:

Photos: George Amato, Lab machines: courtesy of Denis Finnin, AMNH; Caimans: courtesy of Santos Breyer, Crocodilian Photo Gallery; Elephant: courtesy of Jason Lelchuk, AMNH; American Crocodile: courtesy of Julio Caballeros Sigme, Florida Museum of Natural History; Tibetan Antelope: courtesy of George B. Schaller; Products: courtesy of Meg Carlough