Nature or
Nurture Quiz

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Nature + Nurture = YOU!

Nature: Some of your special features come from your genes . If both of your parents have curly hair, chances are you'll have curly hair, too. That's because hair type is determined by genes you inherit from your parents.

Nurture: Everything you do, see, and learn affects who you are. Imagine you lived in a different country. You would have the same genes, but perhaps you would eat different food, wear different clothes, and speak a different language.

Scientists agree that we are products of both nature (our genes) and nurture (all the things that we experience throughout our lives). But there's no magic formula. In fact, it's a very complicated equation.

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Which of your traits are due to nature?

(your genes that you inherit from your parents)

Which are due to both nature and nurture ?

(everything that you see, do, and learn in your life)



  • CLICK HERE for the PDF of the quiz and print it out!
  • Answer the questions to make a list of some of your traits.



  • Go back through your answers and ask yourself why you have each trait. 
  • Is it because of nature ONLY? IF SO, put a √ check in the box next to it.



  • Have a friend or family member take the quiz. How are your answers different?
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