Gastonia burgei

This primitive armored dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous lived with such dinosaurs as iguanodonts, Utahraptor, and giant sauropods. It had bony plates and spikes that served almost like armor. Four to five skeletons have been found along with thousands of bones and pieces of armor.

Scientific Name: Gastonia burgei
Pronunciation: gas-TOH-nee-ah BER-jie
Named for: Robert Gaston
Locality Found: Grand County, Utah
Age: Early Cretaceous, 125 million years ago
Size: 4.5 to 6 meters (14 to 20 feet) long
Characteristics: This early ankylosaur is similar to the European dinosaur Polacanthus. Both had armored plates and spikes. The spikes were longest over the shoulders.

Image credits: main image, Rick Spears.