The gremlin-like, endangered aye-aye makes its home in the tropical forests of Madagascar, a large island off the coast of Africa. These nocturnal lemurs use their big ears to listen for squirming grubs (young beetles) beneath the bark of trees. Once an aye-aye hears that a tasty meal is close by, it uses its sharp teeth and long middle finger claw to dig for it. Sounds like a tasty snack!

Scientific name: Daubentonia madagascariensis
Size: 39 to 40 inches long
Habitat: tropical forests of Madagascar
Diet: insect larvae, sugar cane, coconuts, and other fruits
Characteristics: blackish-brown hair, large ears, and a long middle finger used to dig for food
Threats: habitat destruction and overhunting

Image credits: main image: courtesy of Connie Bransilver, Duke University Primate Center; Eleanor Sterling: courtesy of AMNH.