Craig Morris

Craig Morris knows there's no such thing as too many artifacts. As an archaeologist, he spent over 10 years excavating and analyzing over a million artifacts at Huánuco Pampa (wa-nu-koh pam-pa), an Inca capital in Peru. Craig's team excavated all over the city, giving us a fuller picture of Inca city life. Though his main focus is on the ancient cultures of the Andes, he has also done fieldwork in Utah, Spain, and Bolivia.

Hometown: Kentucky
Education: Ph.D., University of Chicago
Job: Curator of Anthropology at the American Museum of Natural History
Known for: his study of the Inca empire, especially the city of Huanuco Pampa
Most common artifact from the Huanuco Pampa excavation site: pottery, mostly used for food storage

Image credits: main image, courtesy of AMNH; Craig Morris: AMNH.