Effigia okeeffeae

Effigia looks just like a dinosaur. It particularly looks a lot like bird-like dinosaurs called ornithomimids, or ostrich dinosaurs. Like the ornithomimids, Effigia had large eyes, a beak, a long tail, and no teeth--and walked on two feet. But
this creature lived about 80 million years before ornithomimids appeared on Earth. In fact, it isn’t even a dinosaur at all. It's an ancient relative of
the crocodiles.

Effigia okeeffeae ("ghost")
Locality found: Ghost Ranch, New Mexico
Age: Late Triassic, 230-200 mya
Size: 12-15 feet long Diet: unknown
Characteristics: Looks like a dinosaur, with long neck, a long tail, and large eyes.
Cool fact: "Effigia" (“ghost”) refers to where it was found and how long it was hidden. "Okeeffeae" honors artist Georgia O’Keeffe who painted the area around Ghost Ranch.

Image credits: main image, Sean Murtha; Sterling Nesbitt: courtesy of AMNH.