Ross MacPhee

Ross MacPhee has always loved dirt. It means the opportunity to find lost things—from bones and teeth to pirate treasures. They're clues to the history of our planet. In college, Ross became interested in evolution and fossils. At a dig he found fossils of extinct mammals in caves. This sparked a lifelong interest in the extinction of large mammals during the last ice age. As a paleontologist, he's researched fossils across the globe.

Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Job: Curator, Division of Vertebrate Zoology
Education: PhD, University of Alberta, Canada
Focus of Work: extinction of mammals within the last 40,000 years
Research Locations: Antarctica, Siberian tundra, the Caribbean islands
Cool Fact: Ross can determine the age of a mammoth fossil by counting the rings of its tusk.

Image credits: main image, © C. Flemming; Ross Macphee; Ross Macphee.