Juvia Large Crow

This butterfly once lived in the mangrove forests along the tropical coast of Taiwan. But in the 1960s, as people built more homes and roads in these coastal habitats, the Juvia Large Crow lost its food and only habitat. This species eventually became extinct--it is gone forever. Today, the remaining coastal forests and mangroves are protected by law. But it's too late to save the Juvia Large Crow.

Scientific Name: Euploea phaenareta juvia
Status: extinct (1960s)
Significance: one of three known butterfly species in Taiwan to become extinct
Range: coasts of southern Taiwan
Habitat: tropical forests and mangrove forests
Host plant: possibly the sea mango tree
Appearance: dark wings and large size
Cool Fact: This butterfly is related to the King Crow, which had a wingspan of 11-13 cm (4-5 in)!

Image credits: main image, © National Museum of Natural Science Taiwan.