Curiosity rover

If there's life on any other planet in our solar system, it's probably on Mars. Scientists have sent orbiters, landers, and rovers to the Red Planet in search of clues of life. The Curiosity rover
is the latest and most advanced step in this quest. This one-ton science lab will land on Mars inside Gale Crater, which may be a dried up lake. Using scientific instruments, the car-sized rover will examine the crater for signs of past or present life.

Description: most advanced rover to explore the surface of Mars
Destination: Gale Crater, Mars
Launch/Arrival: November 2011/August 2012
Instruments: include 3-D cameras, lasers, x-ray machine, radiation and water detectors, and a small weather station
Weight: 1 ton (2,000 pounds, 907 kg)
Cool Fact: Its constant power comes from thermonuclear energy. So it runs without sunlight!