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DEENA: We're almost out of time. Any secrets you'd like to share with the folks at home?

PROTO ANDY: Here's a shocker. Based on my bones, scientists can't tell if I used to be a dino-guy or a dino-girl.

DEENA: How embarrassing!

PROTO ANDY: Tell me about it. Scientists have found two different types of Protoceratops skulls. One has a low face and inclined frill, and the other has a deeper snout with a small horn-like bump above the nose and a more vertical frill. Unfortunately, it's impossible to know for sure which skull is male and which is female.

DEENA: We've come to the end of another edition of faceToFossil_Top . Proto Andy, you've been wonderful. This is Deena Soris saying farewell to all my paleo pals out there.

See you next time.