Light Quest

Activity Instructions

Test your light-smarts by playing Light Quest!

What You'll Need

The Materials

printout of game board, print out of trivia cards, scissors, tape, pen, one die and markers
What To Do

The game board represents an atom , with a central nucleus circled by two orbits. Each player represents an electron that has been bumped into the atom's outer unstable orbit. Answer the trivia questions about light correctly to circle the outer orbit and jump back into the inner, stable orbit. The first player to make it around the game board pops back into the stable orbit, emits light from the atom, and wins!

Construct the Trivia Cards and Game Board


After printing out the trivia cards, cut along the lines until all cards are cut out of sheets of paper.

cutting out the trivia cards along the dotted lines

After printing out the game board, cut along the dotted line of each page.

trimming the game board printout along the dotted line

Then, line up the 2 sides of the game board and tape it together.

taping the 2 parts of the game board together

Here's How to Play!


Choose 2-4 players. Each player chooses a game piece to represent an electron.


Each player places his or her game piece in the START space. Note that the FINISH space is in the atom's inner, stable orbit.

markers placed. on the game board in start position

Each player rolls the die. The one who rolls the highest number begins by sliding his or her electron game piece into the outer, unstable orbit. (Remember, it takes energy for an electron to get bumped into an unstable orbit.) Other players begin in the order of the next highest roller to the lowest roller.

rolling a die

Once you enter the outer orbit, another player chooses a trivia card from the stack to read to you. If you answer correctly, roll the die again and move your game piece the same number spaces counterclockwise around the game board, then wait for your next turn. If you do not answer correctly, leave your game piece where it is and wait for your next turn.

one player reading a trivia card to the other

Continue to roll the die and move your game piece as you move around the game board. Each player tries to make it around the board and land on one of the two LIGHT ZONE spaces. (You must roll the exact number in order to move your game piece onto one of the LIGHT ZONE spaces.)

moving the game marker around the board

When you land on one of the LIGHT ZONE spaces, you must answer one more trivia question correctly in order to slide back into the FINISH space.

one of the player's markers in the light zone on the board

The first player to slide back into the FINISH space wins. Each time a player's electron slides back into the stable orbit, a photon of light is emitted!

one player moving their marker to the finish spot

Make Your Own Cards!

If you run out of trivia cards, try making your own cards. You'll find lots of fun facts about light on this OLogy site, or check out the Web and your library for more resources about light.