Arctic Story Puzzles

Answer Key

See below for the correct order of each Arctic Story Puzzle.

Polar Bears Weather the Winter

answer strip1

This female polar bear is coming out of her snowy den at springtime. During the cold Arctic winter, she and her cubs stay under the snow to be warm and safe.

Polar Bears Need Ice to Survive

answer strip2

This polar bear is trying to break into a den of seals hidden beneath the snow. Polar bears eat seals to survive. Because global warming is melting snow and ice in the Arctic, there is less of it for seals—and polar bears—to call home.

An Inuit Man Sees Change

answer strip3

Native dwellers of the Arctic are called the Inuit people. This Inuit man fishes in the icy sea like his ancestors did long ago. Every year he sees changes in his environment that are caused by global warming.

Image Credits:

Illustrations by Eric Hamilton, © AMNH.