Jennifer Klos

photo of Jennifer Klos

Jennifer is a middle and high school gifted coordinator and science teacher who has more than 20 years in the profession.  She is passionate about science education and helping gifted students explore their interests and discover talents.  Jennifer finds immense value in problem-solving and inquiry-based learning. 

Jennifer earned a Bachelor's degree from Penn State in secondary education and has four teaching certificates.  She has a graduate certificate in Environmental Science from Duquesne University and a Master of Science in science education from Walden University. 

In addition to teaching at the secondary level, Jennifer enjoys working with graduate students.  She taught courses for two Master’s programs through the National Institute for Professional Practice in conjunction with Wilkes University.  Jennifer also worked with an international team to bring to life a TED-Ed on invasive species.  She is also a consultant and curriculum writer, working for a variety of educational companies.  Jennifer was able to share her interest in online learning by working with a selected group of teachers county-wide to create a set of science courses for any middle school teacher to use.

Jennifer is a mom to three active boys and watching them participate in their activities is one of her greatest joys.  She loves to travel, play with her dog, and spend time in nature as well.