Six-week online courses provide access to cutting-edge research, world-class scientists, and powerful classroom resources and are designed around your busy schedule with 6 sessions offered per year. The fee for each Seminars on Science course is $549. All courses are available for graduate credit at an additional cost.

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Fall 2

October 24 - December 4, 2022


How does this remarkable three-pound organ interpret sensory input, control behavior, and shape who we are?

Earth Science

Climate Change

How does the global climate system work, and what is the evidence that human activity is affecting it?

How do scientists study ecosystems and grapple with real-world conservation questions?

Life Science


How does evolution work, how does it explain the history of life on Earth, and how is this fundamental concept itself changing in the face of new discoveries?

How is our growing knowledge of the genome—the DNA that makes up our unique genetic code—opening tantalizing new frontiers in biology? What ethical issues are emerging due to these discoveries?

Life Science

Marine Biology

How do scientists overcome challenges to study and make discoveries in one of the world’s most inhospitable environments? 

Earth Science

The Ocean System

How does the ocean system shape the planet, regulate climate, and support life?

Physical Science

The Solar System

What questions are debated in astrophysics today? In this course, co-authored by Neil deGrasse Tyson, you will explore what we know about our place in space and where the frontiers lie.