Joseph Hernandez

photo of Joseph Hernandez crouching beside a kangaroo

Mr. Joseph Hernandez is a teacher in Somerset county, New Jersey. He is currently teaching AP Environmental Science and Honors Environmental Science and is the advisor for his school's New Jersey Science League Biology Team. He earned his B.A. in Secondary Education in Biology from Rider University and most recently earned his M.Ed. in Biological Education from Rutgers University. 

Joe has presented workshops on implementing NGSS activities and instruction in the environmental science classroom and has also been a technology trainer in his school, instructing other teachers on how to implement technology into the traditional classroom setting.

In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and experiencing new adventures, as well as hiking in national parks. This helps him find new material and inventive ways to incorporate the outside world into the classroom. He additionally enjoys to cook, take a boot camp class, and spending time with his family and dog.