Nedra Stewart

photo of Nedra Stewart standing outside a house

After a rewarding career in the pharmaceutical and banking fields as a data analyst, Nedra Stewart changed careers and returned to school to obtain her Master of Arts in Biology from SUNY Old Westbury in 2019. She also taught high school algebra with the Science Technology Entry Program (STEP) while attending school. She taught in two other districts before joining a private school on Long Island as a middle school science teacher.

Prior to that, Nedra attended the University of Baltimore, earning a Master of Business Administration degree. She also earned a Bachelor of Science degree from William Paterson University.

During the summer months, Nedra does light volunteer work in oyster farming, an initiative to repopulate NY Harbor waterways with oysters, which are coveted for their filtration properties. She also volunteers with an organization called A Better Chance and runs STEM enrichment classes for her students at her current job. The classes include both inquiry and project-based assignments as well as exploratory tasks. What interests Nedra most about science is the vast number of questions that can be asked and answers that can be obtained. Humans are intrinsically curious; therefore, the process of discovery will always be a defining trait of science.