Mythic Creatures Challenge

Laurel Kendall

Hello, I'm Laurel Kendall and I'm an anthropologist. One of the things that interests me are the stories that people tell about fantastic beings from all over the world. Many of the creatures that thrill and terrify us today have been passed down over many generations. Animals in the real world inspire some mythic creatures, too.

How well do you know mythic creatures around the world? Play this game to find out!

How to Play: Select an X to explore a mythic creature. Examine its story and picture. Guess which creature it is by selecting a picture around the map.

Image Credits:

Photos: Laurel Kendall, Quetzalcoatl stone sculpture, giant squid model, Ethiopian illustrated text, narwhal tusk, Mami Wata painting, qilin incense burner, kappa mask and cell phone dangle: AMNH; Lasiren Vodou Banner, dwarf elephant skull, Garuda figurine, emperor robe: AMNH/Denis Finnin; chupacabra figurine: AMNH/Craig Chesek; Barong costume: AMNH/Roderick Mickens; manatee: NOAA; Aepyornis egg: The Stone Company; Illustrations: Sean Murtha