Test Your Reaction!

You're playing dodge ball during recess. And your friend hurls the ball straight for your face! Quickly, you raise your arm and block it with your elbow.

What Just Happened!?

That was fast! The time it took you to put your arm up is called reaction time. During this time, your body figures out what was happening and how to respond.

  • First, your eyes  detect the ball and send visual signals to your brain.
  • Then, your brain processes the signals ("A ball is coming straight at me!").
  • Finally, motor neurons  carry a message to your muscles ("Raise the arm!").

Amazingly, all of this happens in under a second!

a boy holding a ruler, while a second boy has his hand below it waiting to catch the ruler

Test your reaction time and compare it with a friend.

button with text that says measure your reaction time

Practice Makes Perfect

You can't improve your reflexes because they're hardwired into your system. But you CAN improve your response and your reaction time by doing something over and over again. Even thinking  about the task will better your performance.