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Read With Your Fingers
Read With Your Fingers
Hands reading Braille

Kids who are blind or have trouble seeing sometimes use their fingers to read Braille.

Braille uses a pattern of raised dots, like little bumps on a surface, to communicate letters and numbers. Each character is assigned a unique pattern of dots. For example:

the word "brain" in braille

Kids run their fingers along the little bumps to read letters that form words and sentences. They can read books that are written in Braille. They can also find their way around by reading Braille found on many public signs and elevator buttons.

Girl reading Braille message

Use Braille to create a message for a friend!

Create a Message

Use Braille to create a message for a friend!

Create a Message
My Brain is Plastic?!

Did you know that your brain is plastic ? No… not plastic like a plastic bag. It means that your brain is changeable!

Scientists who studied the brains of blind people have made an amazing discovery. The area of the brain that is normally used for seeing may be “reassigned” and be used for sensing touch. Reading by touch forms new and different neuron connections. The experience changes the way the brain works!

illustration of human brain with pointer to visual cortex

In the brains of blind people, the visual cortex is used to sense touch.

Image Credits:

Braille photo, © istockphoto.com; human brain, © Richard Tibbitts/Antbits