Read With Your Fingers:
What You'll Need

picture of what you'll need materials

What To Do


Think of a message you'd like to send to a friend. Write it down on a sheet of paper. Keep this on the side and use it as a reference.

2 girls facing away from each other and each writing a note in marker on paper

Prepare your message on the Braille sheet. Using the Braille Key as your guide, mark the dots of each character with a pen or marker. Create the characters from left to right. Leave a space between each word.

Close-up of hand translating the note into the appropriate braille dots

Create your message. Flip the paper over. Make sure you can see the dots that you marked on the front side. Gently punch one tiny hole into the back of each dot using a thumb tack.

using a pushpin to punch out the message dots

Test how well the message reads. Flip the paper back to the front side so that the bumps are showing. Run your finger over each cell. Can you feel each dot? Can you tell what character the dots represent?

Running fingertip over punched out message

Give the message and a copy of the Braille Key to a friend! Remind your friends to look at the Braille key as they read with their fingers.

Friends reading their Braille messages, then revealing the messages.