Ask a Scientist About Our Environment

illustration of the American Museum of Natural History

If you have questions about the environment, we've got answers! In celebration of Earth Day in 2008, Museum scientists answered questions from kids about everything environment-related, from pollution to endangered species to global warming.

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American Museum of Natural History illustration, © AMNH / Eric Hamilton; green sea turtle, by Brocken Inaglory via wikimedia.commons CC BY-SA 3.0; herbivore fossil, courtesy of Andy Wyss; Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), courtesy of NOAA; drought, courtesy of USGS; Earth, courtesy of NASA; icicles, © AMNH; wind turbines, courtesy of NREL; river algae bloom, courtesy of Wikipedia Media Commons /; Wyoming toad, courtesy of USFWS; plastic bag stuck on coral, courtesy of NOAA; polar bear, © courtesy of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (CC BY 2.0); steaming volcano, courtesy USGS; landfill, courtesy of Planet Ark; sea turtle surfacing, courtesy of Jeff Seminoff / NOAA; urban smog, courtesy of USGS; tropical forest bird, courtesy of Flickr/Laszlo Ilyes (CC BY 2.0); Mesopotamia, © Curtis J. Richardson/Duke University Wetland Center; ice caps, courtesy of the United States Antarctic Program; African savanna, CC0 Public Domain via; gaur, John P. Mosesso/NBII.Gov; © AMNH; Sun, courtesy of NOAA; whales, courtesy of NOAA; biodiversity collage of life, © AMNH.