Meet the OLogist Leanne Melbourne
crab with speech bubble saying "What's an ologist? OLogists are people who are so curious about something that they want to know everything about it."

Leanne Melbourne is a marine biologist, a scientist who studies ocean life. Find out more about Leanne in this video interview!

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flowing kelp, © Kindel Media; fish in kelp forest, © Taryn Elliott; seal swimming, © Zlatin Georgiev; sea horse in algae, © Taryn Elliott; Leanne underwater (still), © Leanne Melbourne; Leanne using grid (still), © Leanne Melbourne; Leanne presenting (still), © Leanne Melbourne; Leanne talking (still), © Leanne Melbourne; Leanne as child (still), © Leanne Melbourne; fireworks, © SN HA; Azurite and Geode, D. Finnin/© AMNH; Overview North, D. Finnin/© AMNH; Biodiversity, R. Mickens/© AMNH; giant squid, R. Mickens/© AMNH. MUSIC: Bursting With Life, © Ben Howells; Smooth Glances, © Stephen Newman; Bubbly Noise, © Will Thomson and Trevor Nightingale; Weaving And Bobbing, © Alex Attwood; Bluesy Q, © Carl Verheyen.