Ukhaa Tolgod

Located in the Gobi Desert, Ukhaa Tolgod (OOK-uh TALL-gud) is a recently discovered fossil "hot spot" for Museum paleontologists. Many spectacularly preserved skeletons from 80 million years ago have been found here, including ancient mammals and the nesting Oviraptor.

Location: Gobi Desert, Mongolia
Exploration: the Museum team was first to identify this area's rich fossil beds in 1993
Description: miles and miles of eroded red sandstone, grass covered hills, steep cliffs, and a valley with a dry riverbed; located on the south side of the Gilvent Mountain range in the Namegt Valley of the Gobi Desert
Why It's Important: This site is rich in fossils of dinosaurs and early mammals. Many of the fossils are uncrushed, complete, and very well preserved. 

Image credits: courtesy of Discovery Channel Online; quote, Jim Clark courtesy Discovery Channel Online.