Sauropods weren't just the largest dinosaurs. They were also the largest animals to ever live on land. The sauropod Mamenchisaurus (Mah-MEN-chi-SAWR-us) lived about 160 million years ago. Like other sauropods, it had a long, flexible, and surprisingly light neck. Although it wasn't the biggest sauropod, it had the longest neck for its body size of any other dinosaur. It could have reached lots of plants while standing in one place.

Lived: Jurassic Period, about 160 million years ago, in what is now China
Size: 60 feet (18 m) long; 13 tons (11,800 kg)
Diet: about 1,150 pounds of plants a day!
Reproduction: laid eggs
Social Behavior: possible herding
Cool Fact: Sauropods might have been brightly colored, like many modern-day birds and reptiles.
Cool Fact: Sauropods may have released around 13 gallons (50 l) of gas per day.

Image credits: main image, © Raúl Martin; Mark Norell: AMNH; Mark Norell: AMNH.