smalltooth sawfish

The body of a sawfish may look like a fish, but its long, flat snout sets it apart. Rimmed with razor-sharp points, this "saw" is a dangerous weapon for hunting prey and defending from predators. It can also be used to dig in sand looking for shellfish to eat. The sawfish's snout is covered with special sensory organs that detect electric signals produced by other animals. This ability, called electroreception, is like a "sixth sense" that helps the sawfish track prey, even in dark, muddy rivers and lagoons.

Scientific Name: Pristis pectinata
Habitats: shallow, coastal tropical waters
Diet: fish and crustaceans
Size: 18-25 feet (5.5-7 m)
Weight: 770 pounds (350 kg)
Lifespan: 25-30 years
Status: endangered
Cool Fact: The saw of a largetooth sawfish may have more than 40 sharp "teeth." But as with all sawfish, they're not really teeth. Its real teeth are in its mouth under its snout!

Image credits: main image, Forrest Samuels (CC BY-SA 2.0).