Pterosaurs: The Card Game!
Pterosaurs: The Card Game!
Pixelated rendering of a pterosaur in flight with outstretched wings and a large colorful head crest.

Not birds! Not even dinosaurs! Pterosaurs were flying reptiles, and the first and largest vertebrates to fly under their own power.

Challenge your friends to this pterosaurs card game. Along the way, explore animals and plants that lived during the Mesozoic Era.

A Pterosaurs: The Card Game! card featuring a Dimorphodon macronyx, with a colorful illustration of the pterosaur and a descriptive paragraph.

Print & Play

Printable PDF of cards and instructions.

The word "Download" in all-caps inside of an elongated octagon.

Digital rendering of a pterosaur with a colorful beak and head crest.

Meet the Pterosaurs!

Learn to pronounce the names of pterosaurs.
The word "Go" inside of an elongated octagon.

Pterosaurs: The Card Game uses images and information from the vast collections of the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, especially the 2014 special exhibition Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs ( The game was co-designed with teenagers in the Museum’s #scienceFTW program and with game designer Nick Fortugno, based on an existing biodiversity card game, Phylo (