Light, Matter & Energy
Light, Matter & Energy
Mike Shara sitting on office chair waving hello

Einstein changed everything!

"Hi! I'm Michael Shara from the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. I study how the universe works. My work — and the work of all the scientists I know — was revolutionized by the thinking of one man: Albert Einstein.

Finding new ways to look at old ideas, he asked challenging questions about things like the nature of  light gravity  and  time . With his powerful imagination and curious mind, Einstein changed how we think about the universe and how it works. Einstein's energy went beyond science — he cared deeply about helping people around the world. Today, his ideas continue to change our lives!"

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Photos: Michael Shara: courtesy of Denis Finnin, AMNH; Illustrations: Equation Invasion: Tony Persiani; Everyday Einstein: Daryll Collins; Light the Way: Space cop: Daniel Guidera; Electromagnetic Spectrum: Eric Hamilton