Make Your Own Creatures of Light
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Every wonder why some organisms flash, blink, or glow? Bioluminescent creatures are living things that generate light. Explore some of them that live on land and in the sea.


Firefly & Glowworm

In a forest in North America, mushrooms glow with an eerie green light. Fireflies signal one another in a pattern of yellow flashes.

Deep inside a cave in New Zealand, a hungry glowworm can produce over 40 sticky lures!

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In the deep seawater world of complete darkness, the only light comes from living things:

  • The vampire squid waves its flashing arm tips to startle predators.
  • The deep-sea anglerfish dangles a light to lure prey.
  • The stoplight loosejaw dragonfish uses its red light (invisible to other organisms) to illuminate prey.
  • The hatchetfish and bristlemouth use their light to blend in with dim sunlight coming down from above and to hide from predators prowling below.
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Image Credits:

Firefly, © Jeff. J. Daly/Alamy; Waitomo glow worm larvae, © Kjell B. Sandved/Visuals Unlimited; deep-sea anglerfish, courtesy of Edith Widder/HBOI.