Make Your Own Creatures of Light


What You'll Need

Ocean: What You'll Need
  • Black construction paper
  • Scissors
  • color tissue paper (red, blue)
  • printouts of ocean creatures
  • tape
  • ballpoint pen
  • crayons
  • shoebox (without lid)
  • flashlight

What To Do


Color in an ocean creature. (Don't color in the shapes that are grey.)

ocean step01

Use a pair of scissors to cut out the shape of the creature. 

ocean step02

Use scotch tape to attach the shape to a piece of black construction paper.

ocean step03

Use scissors or a ballpoint pen to poke holes in the body parts that are in grey.

ocean step04

Measure and cut enough tissue paper to cover the holes (use red and blue for stoplight loosejaw dragonfish, blue for anglerfish, hatchetfish, bristlemouth, and vampire squid). 

ocean step05

Tape the tissue papers (covering the holes) to the blank side of the black construction paper. 

ocean step06

Draw a circle on the back of the shoebox. The circle should be big enough to stick your flashlight in.

ocean step07

Ask an adult to help you cut out the circle.

ocean step08

Tape the black construction paper with your creature over the open side of the shoebox. (Use extra paper to cover the entire open side of the box if needed.)

ocean step09

Stick the bulb part of the flashlight inside the shoebox. Turn the flashlight on.


Turn off the lights in the room to see what this bioluminescent creature looks like in the deep sea!

ocean image01
ocean image02